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4.5" FLUSH CUTTER Wire Nipper Micro Pliers With Leaf Spring

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4.5" Flush Cutter Nipper Micro Pliers With Leaf Spring. For Beading and Jewelry

Made For Kent Supplies

Flush Quality Cutter Nipper Micro Pliers With Spring Leaf, For Beading and Jewelry


4.5" (115mm) Overall Lenght

Flush Cuts

Sturdy Box Construction         

PVC Coated Handle 


These pliers are a nice addition to the basic tool kit for beading and jewelry hobbyists and artists


These quality Flush Cutter micro nipper pliers are used to get a flush cut on wire or flexible beading wire.

Reduces the need to file the ends of cut wire.

Cut and Trim wire and findings such as eyes, head pins...


Ideal for 20-26 Ga wire.

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