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5.5 inch Double Nylon Covered Flat Jaw Pliers With 10mm (3/8") Wide Plastic Jaws

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5.5" Flat Nose Pliers With 10mm Wide Plastic Jaws. For Beading and Jewelry

Made For Kent Supplies

Flat Nose Pliers With Plastic inserted Jaws. For Scratch free holding Beading and Jewelry

Size: 5.5" (140mm) Overall Length

Plastic Jaws size:
25mm Length
10mm Wide
5mm Wide Groove


Sturdy Box Construction

PVC Coated Handles

These pliers are a great addition to the basic Tool Kit for beading and jewelry hobbyists and artists.

Designed to work with delicate items, metal wire..

Nylon Jaw Pliers are best for straightening wire and are great for colored wire

Great for holding soft or finished products and prevents nicks, chips and marring metal and wire

( BIJ - 722 )

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