4 Purple Habras 19mm Radial Discs VERY FINE Pumice Grit Plus Mandrel For Polishing Jewelry


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Set of 4 Habras 19 mm PURPLE Discs Very Fine Pumice Grit with 3/32" Screw Type Stainless Steel Mandrel


Habras Discs offer a unique, three-dimensional abrasive and flexible bristle design that provides a uniform finish.
Various grits size are available for heavy cleaning (coarse), removing light oxide (medium), pre-polishing, semi-finishing, blending, texturizing and polishing (fine).


For Hobbyists, Dental, Aerospace and Industrial Applications.

Use with Flex Shaft Tools or High Speed Grinders


Habras Discs provide the convenience of a pre-charged abrasive but do not generate the heat associated with rubber wheels.
Embedded cubitron mineral abrasive is much harder than most metal.
Removes oxides and polish without using compounds.
Ideal for cleaning metal work, plastic parts, sand, shape small wooden parts and hard-to-reach areas.


Set Includes:


4- Very Fine, 19 mm Diameter Habras Purple Discs
1- 3/32" Stainless Steel Screw Type Mandrel
Average Speeds: 10000 RPM


Recommended Set up: 4 discs of the same grit mounted together.
Always wear protective eye wear when using these tools

( BIJ - 856)

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