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59.5"x1/8", Replacement Band Saw Blade Diamond Coated, Fits Most 9" BandSaws

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59.5" x 1/8" Replacement Diamond Coated Band Saw Blade,

Fits Most 9" BandSaws

For lapidary and glass Fits GSM, GS-50 and other models and band saws.

Stainless steel diamond coated blade will cut glass, tile, and even marble.

Replacement diamond band saw blades have proven to be an effective diamond machining tool on a large variety of materials and applications.

Diamond blades are diamond coated for wet cutting on stone, glass, marble, tile, ceramic and other mineral based materials.

1.The blade is made of seamless strong stainless steel selected for its resistance to corrosion and rust.

2.The blades are coated with finest diamond abrasive.

3.The diamond is bonded to stainless steel using techniques developed and proven for over fifteen years.

4.The blade coated tine diamond allows for cutting cleanly and easily all kinds of glass and other mineral materials, minimizing grinding time and saving precious materials.

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