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KENT Long Bottle Cutter Machine For Wine Bottles

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KENT Long Bottle Cutter Machine For Wine Bottles


Long Bottle Cutter Machine


Create Functional art while recycling glass bottles and jars.

Bottle Cutter with Durable metal construction and Carbide Cutting Wheels, easy to use



1- Add a very small drop of oil on the carbide cutting wheel axis(machine oil or kitchen oil is ok)
2- Adjust screws and move parts so the bottle can rest properly on machine
3- Adjust depth of machine so the cutting wheel is at the desired location on the bottle.
4- Once the bottle is resting on the machine, apply pressure with your hands; make ONE complete circle only against the cutting wheel
5- Take the bottle off the machine, dip it in very hot water for around 2 minutes, score mark must be below water level
6- Dip Bottle immediately after in iced water
7- Snap apart the 2 parts of the bottle and use a sanding paper or a diamond file to smooth out the glass edges

( GLS - 399 )

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