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Kent 6" Diam x 1" Width Diamond Lapidary Jewelry Grinding Wheel

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Kent 6 inch Diameter x 1 inch Wide Diamond Lapidary Jewelry Grinding Wheel

For grinding or polishing gem stones, granite, marble, glass, tile or most natural or engineering stones.
Great for cabbing and contour grinding.

Can be used on all conventional grinders


Diameter: 150mm (6 inch)
Width: 25mm (1 inch)
Arbor: 25mm (1 inch), includes 3 plastic reducers for arbor sizes 19mm (3/4 inch), 16mm (5/8 inch) and 13mm (1/2 inch).
Quality : Premium AAA, made with high quality diamonds for longer grinding life and faster cutting.

Hard plastic core wheel with electroplated rim.
Electroplated (nickel bonded) diamond grinding wheels, with plastic center core.

*** Colors of Plastic wheel and Reducers may be different from Picture ***

*** Please Note: Coolant is Recommended to Avoid Overheating of Tool or Material, Water is OK ***

Please Choose Grit Size:

Grit 46 (GLS-445-46)
Grit 60 (GLS-445-60)
Grit 80 (GLS-445-80)
Grit 100 (GLS-445-100)
Grit 150 (GLS-445-150)
Grit 240 (GLS-445-240)
Grit 320 (GLS-445-320)
Grit 400 (GLS-445-400)

Also Available in Diameter Sizes: 6" and 8"

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