3 Sided Universal Knife and Blade Diamond Sharpener

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3 Sided Universal Knife and Blade Diamond Sharpener


For Sharpening knives and all types of blades without water or oil.
The Black Face Fine Diamond Grit 400 is suitable for all kinds of household knives, garden knives and woodworking tools.
The White Face Finer Diamond Grit 600 is ideal for a fine finish and for ceramic knives.
The crossed carbide insets on the side of the tool provide a quick blade edge setting.

Dry Use Recommended
When resharpening a blade, use gentle and light motions, do not press hard on the sharpener, make 5 or 6 passes over the sharpener for a nice finish
Pressing hard will wear the tool quickly and will not produce a good finish

After repeated use, the grindstone surface will appear shiny, but it will still be functional

Details:1)Double Sided Diamond Sharpener
2)Diamond grit: 400#, 600#
3)With carbide inserts, for edge setting and sharpening

Great for kitchen scissors, iron knives, bread knife, garden scissors, axes sickle, lawn mower blades, glass, tiles, woodworking tools...

Made with industrial diamonds, ABS resin


Overall length: 10.5"
Diamond Working Face: 6" x 2" each face
Black Face: Diamond Grit 400
White Face: Diamond Grit 600
Tool Side: 2 Carbide inserts in V Positions

Always wear protective gloves and eyewear
Always sharpen blades and tools using motions away from you.

Keep away from children