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Kent 5-3/4" Taurus Separating Diamond Coated Ring Saw Blade Grit 150

US $47.10

 Kent 5-3/4" Taurus II.2 and 3.0 Separating Replacement Diamond Coated Ring Saw Blade

Diamond Grit 150


This 5-3/4” Separating Diamond Coated Blade has a special construction that allows it to be pulled apart so that the blade can pass through a hole in your work. This feature is great for inside cuts without having a lead-in cut. 

This 5-3/4” Separating blade is the same size as the Standard blade and has exactly the same cutting action. Great for internal cuts and is Omni-directional.

This Separating Blade is made from stainless steel wire and is diamond coated has a coupling attached to it which is also diamond coated for protection and smooth action.

 This blade gives you the ability to open the blade, slide it through, reattach and make internal cuts with no entry point.

As a Great complement to this Separating Blade, look for our Diamond Coated Core Drill Bits.

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