Set of 2: Taurus Ring Saw Replacement Diamond Coated Blades

Set of 2: Taurus Ring Saw Replacement Diamond Coated Blades


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Set of 2: 5-3/4" Ring Saw Replacement Diamond Coated Blade Grit 170 for Taurus 3.0 and II.2

Seamless, stainless steel diamond coated replacement blade for the Taurus 3.0 and Taurus II.2 ring saws. A multi-directional blade to cut glass in all directions.

Grommets sold separately.

 Ring saw replacement blades have been proven on a large variety of materials and

The blades are diamond coated for cutting gemstone, glass, marble, tile,
ceramic and other mineral based materials.

Ring saw replacement blades are available in various grits 
1. The blade is made of seamless strong stainless steel selected for its resistance to corrosion and rust.

2. The blades are coated with fine diamond abrasive.

3. The diamond blades can cut in all directions.

4. The blade coated tine diamond allows for easy clean cutting in all kinds of glass and other mineral materials, minimizing grinding time and saving precious material.

Please Note: 
The Taurus II.2 and Taurus 3.0 Standard ring saw blades are interchangeable, with the following exception:
While the standard  blades are exactly the same for both saw models, the replacement grommets differ for the Taurus II.2 and Taurus 3.0.
The Taurus 3.0 model is usually supplied with the 2 sets of grommets.

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