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Kent 6" Diam x 1.5" Wide Flexible Resin Diamond Lapidary Jewelry Grinding Wheel

US $79.20

Kent 6" x 1.5" Flexible Resin Diamond Wheel

Kent flexible resin diamond wheels have a hard plastic hub with a layer of foam between the hub and diamond belt.

For polishing, sanding, shaping, cabbing and contour grinding.

Great for soft gemstones, fluorite, jade and all stones with hardness under 5.5

Use light pressure so as not to puncture sanding belt
High density diamond abrasive for high grinding efficiency
High viscosity and Wear resistant


Diameter: 150mm (6 inch)
Width: 38mm (1.5 inch)
Arbor Hole: 25mm (1 inch)

For Wet or Dry use

Grit 600 = GLS-520-600
Grit 1200 = GLS-520-1200
Grit 3000 = GLS-520-3000
Grit 8000 = GLS-520-8000
Grit 14000 = GLS-520-14000

Available in various sizes and grits

( GLS-520PRNT)

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