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Oscillating Multi Function Saw Blade For Sonicrafter Worx

Oscillating Multi Function Saw Blade For Sonicrafter Worx

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SKU: SON-139

Oscillating Multi Function Saw Blade For Sonicrafter Worx

3pcs Set of 3 Triangular Carbide Rasp Brazed Carbide Triangular Blade Grinds Tough Material This Flush Cut Triangular Rasp blade is coated with brazed shards of carbide, and will effectively remove and grind the toughest materials. The flush cut design allows for ease of use in tight corners and the carbide coating is great for on concrete, brick or on tile repair projects. Size 80 x 80 x 80mm, Brazed Carbide Abrasive Triangular Design, Flush Cut Arbor For best performance: For best results, put very little pressure on the material to be cut and move the tool rapidly from on side of the blade to the other side, this way you will be using the greater possible number of teeth. When the tool is left stationary and big pressure is exerted on the blade, the few teeth that are used to cut do wear out quickly and the blade can become dull. This Blade Arbor Hole System is compatible with the following brand: Sonicrafter Worx This blade is manufactured for Kent who is not affiliated with Sonicrafter. Sonicrafter and all brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site belong to their respective owners and are not related to Kent Services or Kent Supplies.

( SON - 139 )


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