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Set of 6pcs, 3" Half Round M2 Oscillating Saw Blade For Wood and Metal Cutting

Set of 6pcs, 3" Half Round M2 Oscillating Saw Blade For Wood and Metal Cutting

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SKU: DRM-190

6 x 3 Oscillating Multi Function Saw Blades Fits DREMEL Multi-Max

6 pcs Set 3-1/8" Semi Circular Segment Saw Blade, High Speed M2 Steel, Wood and Metal Cutting Blade

3-1/8" Half round Saw Blade for plastics, fiberglass, wood, putty, non-ferrous metals and sheet metal up to 1mm. For linear and plunge cutting. Flat on one side so you can cut into corners and flush against adjoining surfaces. The semi-circular design allows the blade to cut into corners and 90 degree angles without making unsightly over cuts.20 Teeth Per Inch, 1-1/4 Inch Cutting Depth, Width: 3-1/8 Inch, 0.020 Inch Thick Overcut Protection

Compatibility and General Information

This Blade Arbor System will fit the DREMEL Multi-Max tool and is also compatible with the following brands:

Fein Multimaster*, Artwork, Bosch Multi-X, B&Q, Chicago Electric, CRAFTSMAN Multi-Tool, Cougar, Counstructor, Duro , Driving Force, EINHELL, Falke, Ferm Zwolle Holland, HTC-87, Ideenshop, LongActive, Man Power, Matrix, MEEC Tools, Millarco prof, Power Craft, Pro-Line, Rock Worth, Tool Mate, Top Craft, Westfalia, Work Best.

*Including all FMM250Q, 250, MSx 315 and older models featuring 3/8 inch round arbors.

This blade arbor system is not compatible with Fein Supercut and Sonicrafter.

Fein, Multimaster, Supercut, Dremel, Sonicrafter, Bosch, Secco, Chicago and all above mentioned brands, brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This blade is manufactured for Kent who is not affiliated with DREMEL

These blades are not compatible with the DREMEL MM40-1 and all quick lock style systems

( DRM - 190 )


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